Amazing Culture Action Day with AEGEE-Yerevan

On 18th of November AEGEE-Yerevan organized CAD – Cultural Action Day – unique action day and event in the frames of which the members of the respective local got a specific possibility to organize and participate in a big European action day project.
But before turning to the essence of the event it would be better just to turn to general things regarding Armenian culture and particularly modern culture of Armenia. It is well known that Armenia as other post-soviet states today faces with many issues regarding to the European integration and European cultural heritage. Here in AEGEE-Yerevan we truly believe that Armenian cultural and our cultural heritage is essential part of cultural system and our cultural European orientation is beyond of debate. Here our fathers, grandfathers have already managed to create a culture which has truly European roots and while selecting a topic of our CAD we have tried to focus on the cultural phenomenon which is tightly connected with the European values.

So, after a long observation and discussions AEGEE-Yerevan has decided to visit the museum of the one of the greatest film directors of the 20th century Sergey Parajanov. Yes, yes do not get shocked if you have not heard the name of this great film maker…. A good friend of Fellini and speaker of freedom in USSR Sergey Parajanov has left unique heritage in the modern filmography, as even during the strict years of communism in the USSR he managed to create a film which got 26 international awards!!!!
We had a very interesting cultural visit. Here we not only got theoretical knowledge about the secret parts of Parajanov’s private life but also saw his masterpieces. Parajanov is famous for his extraordinary way of thinking and his talent to make use of anything which somebody else might even throw away. The best example of that was the composition from the pieces of broken cups and plants. His next composition that attracted our attention was the elephant which he made from old staff.
He also spent 5 years in the prisons where he started to paint and made many masterpieces of art. Interesting story to tell; when he was in prison and he hand made a coin from plastic which looked like a Austrian money coin, the militants working in the prison send that coin to Moscow, for consideration and wrote to their heads that they suppose that the author of that works of art is a crazy one and asked them to change his prison. So, in answer to this letter the heads of the USSR Communist party wrote that he is a not mad person, but he is GENIUS….
So we had a really entertaining cultural day full of new impressions and may be some of us found inspiration in the works of the greatest Armenian artists. Also we would be glad to share with our photos with you. So please provide me your e-mail.

Greetings from the most cultural southern Local of AEGEE…:)))

Yeravan is calling….

by Armine Budaghyan

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